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  • 1 Question Bedtime

    Question Bedtime

    Trapping in time that delicate moment between innocence and terrifying adulthood, this album of song-length fairy tales is certain to captivate the budding generation of nerd-rap connoisseurs and their childrens-music-wary parents alike. About This Album MC Frontalot’s sixth album introduces a whole new style of nerdcore adventure: there are no video game cheat codes, no […]

  • 2 After Hours

    After Hours

    R&B/Hip-Hop About This Album Daniel December reinvents true R&B with stylish melodies, seasoned with great lyrics!

  • 3 Nine Livez

    Nine Livez

    Nine with his classic joint “Nine Livez” Reissue as Digipack CD Limited. Including Bonus Tracks!!! About This Album

  • 4 Well Wishes

    Well Wishes

    Truth Music At It’s Finest!!! About This Album In light of his tour throughout Africa, Bizzle has made a commitment to dedicate 100 percent of the profits gained from ‘Well Wishes’ to building fresh water wells in the most destitute and impoverished parts of the continent. The plan for ‘Well Wishes’ is to begin building […]

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Apple Watch – Up

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